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  • Objekt-ID: 7607
  • Date added: 26.02.21
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Type:
  • Status:
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Floors: 2
  • Living space: 252 m²
  • Property size: 1000 m²
  • Location: Bluff Beach, Isla Colon


Main house:

The main house awaits you with a living space of 180 m², a bedroom and a bathroom. The generous division of the rooms enables one or more additional bedrooms or bathrooms to be divided up later.

On the first floor, where you can already feel a pleasant breeze through the open spaces, there is the large, open kitchen with a sideboard made of local tropical wood, a dining area, the living room and the bathroom with a mosaic rainwater shower.

The bedroom extends over the entire second floor. It is an open bedroom with open windows (no windows installed), which ensures pleasant natural ventilation.

At ground level under the house there is a 90 m² concreted area on which the control unit of the solar system and the 4 water tanks are located. It would be conceivable here to enable another apartment or bedroom to be set up by closing the walls.

All posts and load-bearing elements are made of Nispero, a very resistant, native tropical hardwood. The floor of the upper floors consists of the native hardwoods Nispero and Almendro. The wall cladding is made of treated pine.

The house is ready to move into and numerous details (including various mosaics, pictures and drawings) bring comfort to the home.

The septic system includes an "Ecotank" with a capacity of 1100l.


Guest house / holiday home:

The fully furnished, 2-storey, 72m ² holiday home is already successfully in operation.

On the first floor there is the kitchen, a bathroom, the living room and a covered terrace with seating and a hammock in front of the house. Upstairs is the bedroom with a double and a single bed. The entire living area is completely covered with mosquito nets.

As in the main house, all posts and load-bearing beams in the holiday home are made of Nispero, the floors are made of Almendro (both tropical hardwoods).

The overnight rate before the pandemic was 120$ per night.

The guest house also has an “Ecotank” of 1100l.


Both houses are sold fully furnished and with several sets of bed linen and towels. The houses are very well maintained and ready to move in or ready to rent. Numerous loving, artistic details (pictures, local handicrafts and mosaics) give both houses a homely, cozy touch.



-7m² wooden tool shed (bodega)

-2m² separate shed for the generator made of concrete (noise protection)

-covered parking space for a quad adjacent to the bodega

-21m² comprehensive solar system in the garden.

High quality roofs from the brand "Teja Real Plastic Roof" with a 25-year guarantee on both houses. The roof is made of durable plastic for easy cleaning and low maintenance for clean rainwater and a long service life.

The property allows you to divide a separate entrance / path for the holiday home if you wish.

Beautiful, well-kept tropical garden:

-Lime trees which bear fruit all year round






- Plantains





-Chaya (leafy vegetables)

-different types of ginger, strilizia, hibiscus, plumeria and other tropical flowers embellish the garden.

Questions about the property?


Solar system:

The solar system is installed between the two houses not far above the ground: it allows easy access for the maintenance and cleaning of the system.

The system supplies both houses with electricity and consists of 12 solar panels (6 panels with 330W and purchased in 2019 and 6 additional panels with 320W). There are 8 "Trojan" brand batteries to store the electricity (purchased in 2019).

- Solar reversal system from the company “Outback”, model “Flexmax 80”. The capacity of this inverter allows the installation of additional solar panels.

-The generator "General GP6500", which runs on petrol, serves as a backup for cloudy days.


Rainwater collection system:

The rainwater collection system is filled from the roof of the main house. The tanks then deliver to the main house and the holiday home. If necessary, an independent system could be installed for the holiday home, but the 4 existing tanks with a capacity of 15,200l offer more than enough storage space to supply both houses. Both houses are supplied with water from the two large "Tricapa Ecotanks" with 7500l and 4200l as well as the two smaller "Tricapa Ecotanks" with 1750l each, which is supplied by an electric 115V water pump from the "Franklin" brand via a 120l pressure tank (which is ensures even water pressure) is delivered to both houses.

Map view / Neighborhood


  • Beach access
  • perfect location
  • Guest house
  • generator
  • parking lot
  • Rainwater collection system
  • Septic tank
  • Solar system

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