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Isla Colón, Bocas del Toro

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The restaurant offered here is in a prime location in the middle of the main street of the island of Colon in the Bocas del Toro archipelago. The restaurant is first class and is second to none on the island. The structure of the building is massive and designed to be durable.

The restaurant is located on a designated plot of 400 m² and extends over 2 floors, each with an outdoor and indoor area with seating. The kitchen is professional and equipped with the latest equipment. The rooms are generously designed. There are 4 toilets in the building, two on the upper floor and two on the lower floor. The wine cooler has 5 areas that allow different cooling of wines of different qualities. In the bar's pantry there are cheap to very high-priced wines.

The bar has 4 dispensing systems with 2 taps each. The restaurant has a contract with the craft brewery Clandestino from Panama City (microbrewery) for the exclusive serving of the 8 varieties of Clandestino beer on the island.

The restaurant's equipment enables you to serve up to 200 dishes at the same time. Both floors have their own bar, as well as plenty of seating, comfortable sofas and other exclusive furniture. The furnishings correspond to the high standard and the restaurant has a high-class customer base of national and international origin. Numerous other details await you in the restaurant.

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The restaurant has water tanks and a water filter system.
Several air conditioning systems allow the room climate to be regulated if required. However, numerous doors also allow the rooms to be naturally ventilated for an “open” restaurant experience.
Thanks to an alternating current system with an electric generator, the restaurant is the only restaurant capable of working with its own electricity, even in the event of a power failure.
There are two storage rooms with freezers and an ice machine enables the internal production of ice to cool the drinks.
A security system with camera surveillance is installed.

The owner of the restaurant offers his support during the transition and familiarization phase of the new owners. This includes familiarization with how the restaurant works, contacts with suppliers, recommendations regarding personnel management, and introducing important regular customers to ensure the restaurant's future success. He will spend a few days with you if so desired.

The building was built with the best quality building materials and by professionals who understand their craft and was completed at the end of 2017. The house was constructed to be earthquake-proof and has steel girders under the ground, which are located in a special casing that allows an oscillating movement of 10 cm to compensate for any earth movement due to an earthquake. The fabric of the building allows the construction of another floor to expand the restaurant, for a bar with a fantastic view of the sea or to build several apartments for renting out to day guests or on a longer-term basis.

The purchase of the property and restaurant is made easier because the property is already owned by a stock corporation. In the case of a purchase, only the shares have to be transferred to the new owner, which has bureaucratic and tax advantages.
All the installations in the building are brand new: toilets, sewage systems and the gas and electricity installations.

Top location

Main Street

Vehicle access


Air conditioner

Security cameras

Supply rooms

new W/Cs

Water filter

Ice cream maker




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Living: 390m²

ID: 6073


300m² Land

Tamaño de la propiedad

Baths: 4

Floors: 2

USD 1,370,000.

Isla Colón, Bocas del Toro

Successful restaurant with bar and top equipment in top location in the center of "Bocas Town".


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