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Isla Solarte, Bocas del Toro

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This top class hotel is located on the island of Solarte in a quiet bay. It is made up of two buildings that are a mirror image and are located to the right and left of the central area of the hotel. The design allows one to enjoy the world-class views from each of the bedrooms. Both houses have two levels. On the lower level there are 3 hotel rooms with king-size beds and en-suite bathrooms. The upper floors each have two rooms and a central area that buyers can set up as a lounge, living room, kitchen or common area according to their own ideas. The upper areas of both houses are currently inhabited on a long-term basis.
The common area with lounge in the central area is the heart of the hotel. The swimming pool and the lounge beds and sunbeds around it are enjoyed by the guests and the large covered area serves as a restaurant and lounge area.

Overall, the design and interior is characterized by class and taste. Colors are used as accents and integrate perfectly into the lush green of the tropical landscape. The houses were solidly built on a quake-proof basis. The bedrooms were built with the robust woods Nispero, Almendro and Bateo, and materials and colors were skilfully used as stylistic elements. The rooms are very well insulated (thickness of the wall: 10cm), the insulation and natural sea breeze ensure a pleasantly fresh indoor climate.

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The electricity is generated ecologically sustainable by solar (capacity 9500 kW hours), with a petrol generator as backup. The professional kitchen allows you to meet all the expectations of your guests.

Are you interested in this unique property, perhaps as part of your retirement dream or the idea to emigrate to Panama and take over a flourishing business as an ideal income basis? Then write to us, we would be happy to arrange a visit for you!

The design of the upper floors of both houses makes it possible to set up a hotel room with a separate entrance and a complete apartment with bedroom and kitchen-living area. The water supply comes from rainwater, the tanks have a total capacity of 27,500 liters. An extension with additional tanks is possible without any problems.
Hot water is supplied via a continuous flow water heater that runs on propane gas.
An extension of the hotel with over-the-water bungalows is conceivable. For example, the concession could be used to build 6 bungalows.
The rooms are each 60m2 (6 x 15 m). The consistent motto "class and durability" is even evident in the doors to the balcony, which are made of high-quality material (aluminium) that is adapted to the marine climate.

Secluded location

Quiet location

Sea view


Sheltered Bay

20 min to Bocas

Boat only access


Exclusive location

Sea view


2 Houses

2 Floors

Sports boat





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Bedroom: 8

ID: 0013

Successful Hotel

2200m² property

Baths: 7


USD 1,550,000.

Isla Solarte, Bocas del Toro

Successful upmarket Hotel in an exclusive location on Isla Solarte, Bocas del Toro


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