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Isla Colón, Bocas del Toro

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This apartment building in Bocas Town has 4 floors, each with 6 apartments (or 5 on the bottom floor). The living space of the 23 apartments is 52m² each plus the area of ​​the balcony of 11m². The apartments are fully furnished and each have a bedroom, a bathroom and a living and dining room with an adjoining kitchen and a private balcony. The bedrooms are furnished with a double bed, wardrobe and fan and have access to the private balcony. The kitchen is also fully equipped with a fridge, stove, stainless steel extractor hood and microwave. In the living and dining room there is a wooden table with 4 chairs, a sofa, a TV and air conditioning and another access to the balcony.

The bathroom is equipped with a shower, toilet and sink as well as the possibility to connect a washing machine and a dryer. In the bathroom there is also the water heater (electric), from which the entire apartment is supplied (shower, washbasin and kitchen sink). The building is centrally located in the village on a 400m² titled plot. The total living area is 1.203m² spread over the 4 floors of the building. The entire property is owned by a company, which makes the purchase and transfer of ownership significantly easier and faster.

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An operating license was issued in February 2009, which allows the building to be run as an aparthotel. However, it is currently operated exclusively as an apartment building with long-term rental (annual contracts). The average rental price of the apartments is $446.00 (with rents ranging from $410, $460, $500 and $600). The annual utilization is 95%.
Assuming a hypothetical occupancy rate of just 80%, the annual gain would be $64,000 if operations continued as an apartment building. Operating as an aparthotel with an occupancy rate of 40% would result in a net profit of $280,000. We would be happy to provide you with the list of costs on which these invoices are based in a personal communication. Do not hesitate to contact us about this.


The house was completed in 2010. It has a stable base of steel beams, a zinc roof, which is common here, and wooden exterior and interior walls that hide the plastered building blocks. The ceilings are suspended for extra isolation (noise and heat). The floors are tiled and the bathrooms lined with ceramics. The windows are "French" windows made of PVC and aluminum. There is an electricity panel with 24 electricity meters (23 for the apartments, plus an additional one for the community electricity (outdoor lighting, stairwell light with motion detector, water pump, installation for the internet and the security cameras). The security system of the house includes 16 HD surveillance cameras for the indoor and outdoor area with their respective DVR, in which the recordings of 5 months are automatically saved. WiFi is available throughout the building. The water supply for the house is ensured by 5 water tanks with a capacity of 5000l each. A corresponding pump and a spare pump are included installed.There is also a laundry room, a sink and a toilet for the caretaker.The outdoor terrace on the ground floor is used as a communal area (40m²).There are 18 parking spaces, which are located on the property and which, due to tenant demand, are currently being used as terrace area and bicycle ad stands can be used.

Well connected

Central location

Grid connection

5min to Airport

2min to supermarket

5min to Bocas center

Vehicle access


Parking slot

Top view


Etagen: 4





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Living: 1.203m2

ID: 0082


400m² property

23 Apts

Balcony: 250m²

USD 1.400.000,-

Isla Colón, Bocas del Toro

Top Investment: 4-storey apartment building with 23 apartments in a central location


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