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Vegan restaurant bar and jungalows


Isla Bastimentos , Bocas del Toro.

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This income-generating property houses two successful businesses: four independently rented rooms with private bathrooms, plus a vegan restaurant in a separate structure with a second level containing a basic bedroom. Located on the scenic Bastimentos Island, near the iconic village of Old Bank, it offers a peaceful escape in the middle of the lush jungle. It attracts surfers and beach lovers with delicious food and refreshing drinks. It is also visited by local wildlife such as monkeys, sloths and toucans. The well-kept garden produces bananas, papayas and other edible treasures - a natural paradise just 7 minutes from the vibrant community!

Old Bank, just a 5 minute water cab ride from the bustling tourist hub of Bocas Town, offers an opportunity on Bastimentos Island known for its stunning beaches, turtle habitats and world-class surf spots. This property includes all necessary licenses including a valuable liquor license transferable to you. Beyond its current use, it is considered an eco/permaculture lodge where yoga/surfing practices are in high demand. A diverse customers base, from B&B guests to vegan food lovers, guarantees steady income. With 502 square meters of titled land, multiple structures and immediate availability to expand the second level of the restaurant, this is your opportunity to own a piece of paradise. If you are looking for a steady source of income, you may want to consider renting the restaurant.

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The property's garden produces an abundance of vegetables, fruits, herbs and teas, being a direct source of supply for the restaurant listed in the Lonely Planet guide. In addition, a building permit is in place to expand the loft above the restaurant, offering magnificent views. This titled land represents an exceptional investment opportunity with a proven track record in a stunning seaside setting - a gem you won't want to pass on!

Remarkably, all rooms offer breathtaking ocean views from their terraces, creating an idyllic setting for guests. With four rooms spread across three houses, this property suits a variety of preferences. Hot water and private bathrooms are standard amenities, and occupancy rates can be provided upon request. There is a small kitchen, equipped with essential appliances and a seating area. A storage room under the lounge area provides a place for tools and supplies. A trail leads to Jestina Beach, an outstanding snorkeling spot and a favorite lobster hunting spot among locals - an unforgettable experience awaits you!

10 min walk from Old Bank town

30 min walk to Wizard Beach

20 min to Bocas

Rain forest

Pure nature


Lounge area

Outdoor kitchen

2 storage rooms

Wood construction



Hot water

On grid network

Water collector




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Vegan restaurant bar and jungalows

Vegan restaurant bar and jungalows


4 Bedrooms

ID: 0084


Titled 502sqm

4 Baths

Wood construction


USD 250,000,-

Isla Bastimentos , Bocas del Toro.

Located on picturesque Bastimentos Island, near the iconic Old Bank village

Vegan restaurant bar and jungalows

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