Between the undersigned, ALIRA GISSEL CERCEÑO OROCU, female, Panamanian, with personal identity card number FOUR - SEVEN HUNDRED EIGHTEEN - ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-EIGHT (4-718-168), Real Estate Agent with License No. 1280, acting as Legal Representative of PANAMIZE REALTY, INC., a corporation registered in Page No. 155699233 in the Mercantile Section of the Public Registry of Panama, who hereinafter shall be called THE BROKER and , with passport / ID number  , who hereinafter shall be called THE SELLER, and together shall be called THE PARTIES, agree to sign this contract in accordance with the following clauses:


The SELLER declares that he is the owner of the said property , and is therefore fully entitled to sign the following Non-Exclusive Listing Contract for the sale of the Property.


FIRST (DURATION OF AGREEMENT): This Agreement comes into effect as of the , and it will have a duration of 12 months from the date of signing. It is renewed automatically for the same term, unless one of the parties notifies priorly the other in writing (via written notice, or email) of their intention to terminate the Agreement. 


SECOND (PRICE OF THE PROPERTY): The listing price of the Property is $ USD. This listing price may be changed at any time by THE SELLER.  If such change of price is made in any written advertisement by any means, THE SELLER must notify THE BROKER in writing within five (5) days of the price change.

THIRD (SELECTION OF LAWYERS): Each Party (Sellers and Prospective Buyers/Clients) has the right to select their own Attorneys as Legal Representative. Each Party has the right to submit any Purchase Offer to their respective Attorneys before signature or payment of any funds.


FOURTH (REAL ESTATE AGENT'S COMMISSION): The amount of the Commission to be paid to THE BROKER once the Property is sold through the efforts of THE BROKER as stated below, is six percent (6%) of the final sales price of the Property. If a part of the purchase price is paid by non-monetary means, the value of this exchange asset is also applied to the purchase price. The sales tax (ITBMS) of the Commission amount is included. A transaction is considered to be successful once a Promissory Contract of Purchase & Sale has been signed with the Buyer referred by BROKER.


FIFTH (PAYMENT OF COMMISSION): The payment of the Commission to THE BROKER will be as follows:

  1. Fifty percent (50%) of the total Commission agreed has to be paid when THE SELLER receives the first payment by the Buyer and a Promissory Contract of Purchase & Sale is signed.
  2. The remaining fifty percent (50%) of the Commission will be paid when THE SELLER receives full payment of the balance of the sales price from the Buyer.
  3. In case the transfer is realized with a single payment, the full commission will be demandable as soon as THE SELLER receives said payment.


SIXTH (COMMISSION PAYMENT CONDITIONS): THE PARTIES acknowledge that this is a Non-Exclusive Listing Agreement. Therefore, the Commission is due to THE BROKER under the following circumstances:


  1. The Sale has resulted through efforts of THE BROKER. Contact between Buyer and SELLER has been initiated through technical infrastructure, CRM or website of BROKER.
  2. THE BROKER has registered the identity of Buyer before he/she has contacted SELLER independently. This has to be done in advance by e-mail to SELLER, or any other written notice from the BROKER’S system.
  3. If an Agent other than THE BROKER, with whom this agreement is signed, attempts to register a potential Buyer, who has already been previously registered by THE BROKER, THE SELLER will refuse that second registration. The commission is only to be paid to the Broker who first registered the prospective Buyer.
  4. If SELLER is already in contact with a referred lead and does not want BROKER to be involved in the transaction, the SELLER must inform BROKER by email within one (1) business day of receipt of the Buyer’s registration. Otherwise the registration of the lead is considered as confirmed and the full Commission will be due in case of a sale.


SEVENTH (NON-REFUNDABLE PAYMENT): Commission payments received are not refundable if the sale does not conclude for reasons not related to BROKER.


EIGHTH (PROPERTY DATA): THE SELLER must provide THE BROKER with the following:

  1. Current Property Certificate from the Public Registry, utility bill, contracts, outstanding debts.
  2. Copy of ID/passport of Property owner.
  3. If the Property is in the name of a corporation: Authorization or General or Special Power of Attorney for the sale of said Property, Certificate of Public Registry of the Corporation, articles of incorporation.
  4. Provide BROKER with photos and videos of Property. BROKER is authorized to use these for any sale purposes on his website and other means. SELLER ensures that the materials, documents, images etc. made available by him for the execution of the contract are free from any third party’s rights and that he is the rightful user.
  5. Access to the property must be guaranteed, with or without potential Buyer. Property should be in a presentable condition.


NINTH: THE BROKER AND THE SELLER agree that any modification to this Contract must be in writing and signed by both parties. 


TENTH: THE PARTIES declare that they accept the terms and conditions of this Non-Exclusive Listing Contract.


In witness whereof this Contract is hereby signed in two (2) copies at , on the .


ALIRA GISSEL CERCEÑO OROCU                          
Legal Representative of Panamize Realty, Inc.




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