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The plots offered here are located on Bluff Beach, the most beautiful beach of the main island of the archipelago. In the midst of beautiful nature, crystal clear water and wonderful tranquility, a large finca has been divided into several plots, which now form a community of plots. Each of the 25 plots is separately titled and duly registered. While the plots along the coastal road are already sold, the available plots offer various advantages.

The plots, ranging in size from 1700 to 5000m², differ in their location, topography of the land, elevation above sea level, availability of a sea view, as well as vegetation. All plots are connected to the entrance gate of the community by common roads.

The width of these roads is at least 6m, which allows unhindered access to your plot (even for heavy construction equipment).
On the lotification area there are several plots of land, which are available to all owners as "Area Verde" ("Green Area"). In these areas there are sitting areas with small platforms as well as paths and partly small bridges. Regardless of how you design your own lot, here you can be close to nature, listen to the calls of male strawberry frogs and enjoy the green of the tropical rainforest.

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Bluff Beach is known for its waves, which, depending on the season, prevent swimming in the ocean. However, there are also protected spots, such as "La Piscina" ("The Swimming Pool"), where you can swim in calm waters throughout the year.

At 9 km from Playa Bluff is the center of the archipelago: Bocas Town, where you will find a variety of amenities, including the airport, the ferry, countless supermarkets and restaurants, a variety of tour options, and (outside of corona times) a very lively nightlife.

Playa Bluff is a wide sandy beach that stretches over a length of 5 kilometers and is used as a nesting site for 3 species of sea turtles (green sea turtle, the hawksbill turtle as well as the leatherback turtle), and has therefore been designated as a nature reserve. Between the beachfront properties and the wide beach there is a green strip overgrown with trees, palm trees and other plants, which serves as a privacy screen. Thus, the sea turtles are not distracted by the lights of the houses. At Bluff Beach mainly emigrants have settled to enjoy the peace and nature in their own house or to run a small ecolodge. At the beginning of Bluff Beach lives a community of indigenous families who, among other things, are dedicated to the observation and protection of sea turtles, and also offer sustainable excursions to observe the nesting sea turtles.






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Tierras Oscura


Isla Colon




Bocas Town

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Playa Bluff




1700m² Land

Quiet place

Fantastic location

USD 95,000.

Isla Colón - Bocas del Toro

Top plots with title in absolute dream location at Bluff Beach


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