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Buy real estate | 4 reasons for

​100% handpicked properties

​We personally select real estate listings and evaluate them according to market potential, real value and legal aspects. | Hand-picket properties

​Official real estate broker

​Unlike many competitors in Panama, we are officially registered as a Real Estate Broker, operating under license No. PJ-1362, therewith we operate 100% legally. We stand by our name to ensure that your real estate purchase runs smoothly. | Hand-picket properties

​Top advice in 3 languages

​We advise competently in German, Spanish and English language and will accompany you throughout the entire property purchase and beyond. | Hand-picket properties

​2 presences on site in Panama

​With 2 locations in Panama and 12 years of experience in Bocas del Toro, we are there for you before, during and after the property purchase, 365 days a year. | Hand-picket properties

The Team

Dr. Corinna Dreher

Dr. Corinna Dreher

Founder | CEO
Head of Sales

Alira Cerceño


​Lucas Mattle

Lucas Mattle


Head of Legal

Till Albrecht Müller

Till Mueller


Head of Digital

Learn more about the Panamize Story

From endemic island frog species in Panama, to realtor licence and and Corporate Idendity. Here comes the full story...


​As a licensed broker based in Panama City and Bocas del Toro, is your competent contact for property purchase, sale, emigration, investment and relocation to Panama and especially in the Caribbean archipelago Bocas del Toro.

​Sell real estate | 4 reasons for

​Drone Footage & Virtual Tours

​We prepare your property for marketing on our platform with professional photos and aerial photographs. Exclusive listings enjoy virtual tours, we support development projects with top-level renderings and 3D virtualizations even before the groundbreaking ceremony.

​Licensed and Trusted

​ is as official brokers with license Registered in Panama No. PJ-1362 and operates 100% legit. the The resulting trust advantage is the basis for the Successful mediation of your property demanding European customers.

​Professional marketing at the pulse of time

​Where others still place advertisements in magazines that no one is ever going to read, we apply state of the art online marketing strategies that are efficient and scalable to ensure top visibility across Google and Bing in targeted markets. Our marketing team brings years of
industry experience at expert level to get your property promoted effectively to the right buyer at the best price.

​Specialized towards the DACH market

​With cultural roots and expertise from the DACH markets, we have focused on the special requirements from customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Closely aligned come our online marketing strategies, with whom we stand out clearly from any competition and of which you as a seller will only profit! Get in touch!

Talk to us

Find out more about properties and land in Bocas del Toro, Panama and beyond. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Let's go! | Dr. Corinna Dreher

Dr. Corinna Dreher

Head of Sales

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