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The Panamize Story

Find out how it all began and why the frog became the trademark of and ultimately also shaped the logo and Corporate Idendity!

From frog to CI

As Panamize Realty embodies not only professional real estate consultation and brokerage but also a profound commitment to respecting nature and the environment, the frogs of Bocas del Toro have become an integral part of our journey in scouting island and jungle properties. Consequently, the frog has evolved from a mere symbol to a cornerstone of our brand identity, prominently featured in Panamize Realty's corporate logo.

Remaining steadfast to our principles, we take great pride in safeguarding the splendor and biodiversity of Bocas del Toro while guiding our clients towards building and investing in perfect harmony with the natural world. There is no better emblem of this ethos than the endemic frog species of the archipelago, deserving protection as we realize your vision of a dream property amidst its breathtaking natural environs. Let us collaborate in realizing your real estate aspirations in Panama while ensuring the preservation of nature's magnificence in this unparalleled region.

How it all started

Dr. Corinna Dreher

Dr. Corinna Dreher

Founder | CEO
Head of Sales

From Biologist to Realtor

Dr. Corinna Dreher became acquainted with the beauty of Panama, especially Bocas del Toro, through various study trips starting in 2009, before ultimately dedicating herself entirely to the topic of Red Frogs in Bocas del Toro as part of her dissertation in 2015. On countless research expeditions thereafter, she studied not only the specifics of the flora and fauna of the island archipelago but also discovered incredible new places during her excursions through the forests of Isla Colon and Bastimentos, already considering them for the establishment of a base in her soon-to-be new home.

Her unique combination of scientific background, local knowledge, and enthusiasm for pristine properties in the untouched nature of the island archipelago makes her a trustworthy and competent point of contact for anyone looking to buy, sell, emigrate, or invest in property in Panama. Let her passion and expertise inspire you, and let us help you successfully achieve your real estate goals in Panama. Contact us today and experience the difference!

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