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Pacific beach lot - Las Tablas Lot with wide beach access in exclusive area near Las Tablas Price: 20US$/m2 negotiable.

This exclusive lot is located in the area of increasing demand and steady growth on the beach near Las Tablas. The property borders on the upscale urban project called “Coco del Mar”. The process of re-evaluating the square meter in this area began over the past decade. The price per square meter on the beach of "El Uverito", which is 3.5 km away, is now 40$ per square meter. The price per square meter in the Coco del Mar area is currently between 10 and 22$ per square meter, depending on the location and beach access of the property.


Area of 56,550 m2 - The beach front is 80+ meters
Distance to Las Tablas 8 km.
Adjacent to the urban construction project "Coco del Mar" (
The property is owned by a joint stock company (ALIONI SA), registered in the public register under number 41326-71066 and in ANATI under number 727/08.
Optimal location on the Pacific beach: The area is 10 minutes by car from Las Tablas. In addition to the “Coco del Mar” project, the development and planning of a new parking lot and shopping center began in the same zone. On the photos you can find the beach access looking north.

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Currently the beach is overgrown, but can be cleared of vegetation on request for viewing. The plot is flat and therefore allows an undisturbed sea view. The beach section to the sea is slightly sloping, which helps to protect the land (from flooding). Status: 35707m² with title, 20843m² ROP, title for this part of the property can be finalized, if there is serious interest in buying it.

The stretch of beach is currently overgrown, but can be cleared of vegetation on request for viewing. The property is flat and allows an undisturbed sea view. The beach section to the sea is slightly sloping, which helps to protect the area (from flooding).






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Tierras Oscura


Isla Colon




Bocas Town

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Coastal front 80m




56.550m² Property

USD 961,350.

Pacific Coast

Fantastic property with high potential at the pacific beach near Las Tablas


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