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The house presented here impresses with its classic Afro-Caribbean architecture and its central location directly at the park (Parque Simon Bolivar) of the village of Isla Colón on Bocas del Toro. The house is 14 years old and was built as an identical copy of the pre-existing 100-year-old Afro-Caribbean style house. This architectural style is characteristic of the Panamanian Caribbean and has given the streets of Bocas del Toros its charm for many decades.

For the first two years of operation, the house was run as a hotel, later converted into a successful hostel and, since the beginning of 2021, has been converted back into a hotel (bed & breakfast) with private rooms and bathrooms.

On the ground floor there is the common room / dining room area (30m²) and the kitchen, a laundry room, a guest bathroom and 3 bedrooms with private bathrooms. The porter's room is also located here. The water pump, a replacement pump and the water tanks (3x3000l) are also installed on this level.

Furthermore, there is a business space on the ground floor, which is rented for 10 years. The rent is 800$ per month with an annual increase of 5%. However, it is possible to terminate the contract with a notice period of 4 months if the property is sold and the new owner wishes to terminate the rental agreement.

Upstairs there are 6 further 35m² rooms with private bathrooms. Additionally, the second floor has access to three outside balconies used as a communal area (25m²)

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The area of the titled property is 200m², the living space is 400m², which are distributed over the two floors.

The house is also equipped with the appropriate electricity meters and fire alarms.

The property and building are owned by a Panamanian company, which facilitates and accelerates the purchase and transfer of ownership rights and can also help you acquire your permanent residence permit.

On request, we will be happy to provide you with a list of the running costs and possible profitability. A hostel operation generates 196,000$ per year with an occupancy rate of 50%, please contact us.


After buying the property 15 years ago, the house was completely dismantled and rebuilt. The foundations, roofs, roof panels, the entire electrical and sanitary installations as well as the beams, floors, walls and 13 bathrooms were rebuilt using the documentation and plans from 1947, as a detailed reconstruction of the Afro-Caribbean architecture with tropical woods.

The building is built with steel girders, has a locally typical zinc roof with suspended ceilings (for noise and temperature insulation), wooden stairs, wooden windows, wooden outer walls and wooden interior cladding.






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Tierras Oscura


Isla Colon




Bocas Town

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Baths: 10




200m² Land

Room: 10

Living: 400m²

USD 579,799.

Isla Colón - Bocas del Toro

Top investment: Architectural jewel in Afro-Caribbean style in a prime location with 9 guest rooms and a shop


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